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laptop repairCall us @ 0557503724 for Laptop repair services in Dubai, UAE

Our laptop repair service can get your laptop back up and running, no matter how bad it may have been.
All abnormal operation of the notebook is repaired. Any damage done to the notebook is repaired, even the shock caused by falls. Our repairs cover both the hardware and software of the notebook. You can visit our shop and technical repair service in Dubai.

We work with all major brands using quality parts and with warranty of Computer & Laptop repair:

  • AcerLaptop repair
  • Asus
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • Fujitsu-Siemens
  • HP-Compaq
  • IBM
  • Apple macbook
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Toshiba

The reasons or causes why a laptop does not work are different like: broken screen, do not load the system, going very slow I need to extend the laptop, the battery does not charge, I lost the power adapter or it may not work, I need to install the operating system in the laptop, … all this has solution if you bring your laptop to our repair service


The lack of disk space and speed we can solve it with a hard disk extension (recovering your data if necessary) and MEMORY RAM guaranteeing a perfect operation.

Hard Drive Replacement:

If the disk of your laptop no longer has space we will substitute the hard disk for a new disk conserving all the programs and information that it contains.
In some cases, a disk failure may prevent us from copying its contents. In these cases we will install the operating system again, configuring the necessary drivers to restore the normal operation of your computer: video, sound, mouse and / or touchpad, network, modem, wifi.

RAM Memory Expansion:

One of the quickest and most economical ways to extend the life of your laptop is by extending your memory. You can consult our experts for free the possibilities of enlarging your computer.
We only work with first brands and memories that have been tested and certified that are 100% error free. (We have all kinds of memory for laptops, SDRAM, DDR 266, DDR 333, DDR 400, DDR II 667)
WIFI: (wireless connection to the network)

If your laptop is not ready for wireless connection, stop by our store, we study your case and we advise you which is the best solution.


Like many other components of a laptop (motherboards, vga, hd controllers) faults on the screen usually end up with the laptop in the trash.

It is true that on the subject of the screen the only thing that can be done by the user of the notebook is to treat it very carefully. In this case, it is true that most of the breakdowns are due to blows or maltreatment, but not only what the screen is, but everything that consists of it (hinges, connecting cables between screen and plate and up to the plastic housings). The official services, the only ones that can supply this type of material, take any part of the previously named (hinges, cables, etc) as a single – “the screen” – that is, ONE EUR 400 repair cost.

At the time of being able to repair a Laptop screen:

At the time of being able to repair a screen┬áthe possibilities diminish considerably unlike those that happens with the base plates. On a screen if the break is physical (plasma zone) nothing can be done. Only if the fault comes from the electronic board (common in all – inverter or inverter) you can try to repair. There is currently a large catalog of screens at a lower cost than those provided by official services.

We open the possibility to the user to be able to get the repair of the screen of his laptop with a significant lower cost. Another possibility would be that it had an electrical fault, and in that case could be repaired equally. In any case it is worth trying some possibility of settlement before “throwing” our beloved and expensive laptop. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us.

THE APPROXIMATE REPAIR PRICES OF THE SCREEN DEPEND ON THE TROUBLE TYPE, IF THE PIECE IS THE INVERTER (the value of this part depends on the model of the laptop), IF THE SCREEN IS ABOUT THE SCREEN WE HAVE ORIGINAL MODELS (these models are supplied directly by the manufacturer of the screen) and COMPATIBLE SCREEN MODELS of equal quality but more economical

Other components: (widen the horizon of your laptop)

Any device that is missing exists in “small” size, such as: External disk drives, USB memories, external CD and DVD burners, Bluetooth and WiFi devices via USB, built-in WiFi extensions and factory original, Network Interfaces Cable, Solutions to capture video or tune the TV in your notebook.
Consult other brands We have laptop repair service at your home or in our laboratories. We also have a pick up and drop off service wherever you prefer.

Have you lost the transformer (charger) of your notebook?

Yes, unfortunately a charger can be left behind in a hotel or can simply be separated from your computer.
Our purchasing department has acquired a great experience in locating the hardest parts to find. We use original components and spare parts from the manufacturer.

The wide variety of batteries and the uncertain result of some “brand” has encouraged us to market not only the original batteries but also compatible batteries of quality. The original batteries are guaranteed by the manufacturer, which is usually 3 months in most brands. The Compatible Batteries sold by UAE Technician have a 6 month warranty.

We also have transformers / universal chargers that can be adapted to different Notebook. In many cases the universal transformer is smaller and lighter than the one that came with your laptop.
Check the price by calling our customer service on 0557503724.

Even if you do not have the original factory discs, UAE Technician can reinstall the system and recover the normal functions of the notebook. We configure the drivers to operate normally the components of your laptop such as video, sound, mouse, touchpad, keyboard, network, modem, fax, wifi, etc.

In many cases, a deteriorated configuration of the operating system or the presence of viruses or other programs that can not be uninstalled make it advisable to reinstall the operating system. But if you have ever reinstalled Windows on your laptop you will have verified that you can stay with “half computer”. The basics will work but may not have sound, network, touchpad, or other important elements. This is not a problem for our technicians. They can recover normal equipment functions … even if they do not have the manufacturer’s original disks.


This symptom is quite common in laptops. You can be working normally and without warning, puff the screen goes black and the computer is silent.
The most common cause of this failure is an overheating of the Portable. In the interior of a laptop the space takes advantage of the extreme limit. So much electronics in confined spaces generates a lot of heat. When the temperature reaches a limit, the computer shuts off to prevent irreversible damage to the processor.

  • Ensure that the computer’s inputs and outputs are not obstructed.
  • Try to keep the Notebook away from other sources of heat when it is running

If the computer continues to shut down it is likely that a breakdown or simple accumulation of dust and grease in certain components are causing an excess of temperature. In an average time of 3 hours in our laboratory, the technicians of UAE Technician and completely review all the components giving laptop repair solution to the problem.


If the computer does not make any noise and nothing appears on the screen when the power button is pressed, check that the computer is correctly plugged into the mains and that the mains plug has power. Does a light come on in the transformer (charger) or Notebook when you plug in the transformer? If not, plug in a lamp or other electrical appliance to check for electrical power.
If it takes some time without using the laptop, leave it connected for a while to the electric current and try to switch it on again.

The usual protocol that we follow in UAE Technician for these cases includes:
  • Checking correct transformer / charger output voltages
  • Battery Check
  • Checking the electrical connectors on the system board
  • Button Review and Ignition Mechanisms
  • Check all computer connections
  • Checking the components: motherboard, microprocessor, memory and hard drive.

Once the component causing the fault is isolated, we make an estimate or estimate of the laptop repair or replacement cost of the faulty component.

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