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Currently, there is an app for everything from ordering pizza to controlling your bank account with your mobile. And in the automotive world there is no exception. Just look with the catalog of apps available in the virtual store of any device to realize that there is an application for any possible and imaginable need while you are on the road . The most successful ones, however, are navigation, of course.

Between the navigator of the car (when it equips one), the one of the mobile and the GPS of second equipment, Garmin type or Tom Tom (without forgetting of the map of all the life), the possibilities so that we find our way (or we were lost definitely) They are overwhelming. Even so, in the end everything could be summarized for most of us to choose between a GPS and an app .

Advantages and disadvantages of GPS

The second equipment or GPS navigators , as they are popularly called, are an affordable alternative to the navigators that are equipped with many cars , either as an option or as standard, depending on the models. These GPS are more affordable and you can take them from one car to another.

In front of the apps , these GPS offer a series of advantages. The main one lies in its operation: they do not need an Internet connection . If you move through rural areas with little or no data coverage, GPS will be your best ally. On the other hand, the updating of the maps is done in specific periods, for example Garmin updates its cartography four times a year. For this operation, an internet connection is required.

Against these GPS devices, we find just the lack of additional information and, above all, in real time . Yes, they include data about black dots, fixed speed cameras and possible mobiles, but without connection to the Internet or to a community of users, these GPS will not be able to warn you of a traffic jam and propose an alternative route automatically and instantaneously. The price of these devices also plays against, is much higher than that of a simple mobile application.

Advantages and disadvantages of the navigation app

The navigation apps , beyond the Maps of the iPhone and Google Maps, there are of all kinds and prices. The first advantage they offer with respect to a traditional GPS is that of the price . And it is that the device already has it, our smartphone, so we only buy the software. And sometimes, not even that because the app, in many cases, is usually free.

Most of the apps do need Internet to work 100%, although they also have a function that allows them to continue working even without coverage (after downloading the cartography of the area). The Internet connection allows them to offer information about incidents in our route in real time, such as accidents, radar controls or traffic jams . In the case of traffic jams, for example, when detected at times, an alternative route will be offered.

Another advantage of being connected to the Internet is the updating of cartography, much more up to date in the apps . When a GPS can send you to a street under construction, closed or that has changed direction since its last update, most apps already have that map updated so they offer greater accuracy.

Some of the best navigation app

Google Maps , for Android, is a classic that comes standard on most devices, so we do not have to install anything to enjoy a completely free GPS navigator. It has traffic alerts in real time and recalculates the route to avoid traffic jams.

Waze is the most downloaded navigation app after Google Maps. It allows us to join its large community of drivers to share traffic and road information in real time. It is completely free but requires data connection to work . Its strong point is the information of traffic alerts.

Here WeGo is presented as the great rival of Google Maps, with download of maps by countries for use completely offline. It emphasizes the possibility that it offers us to ask for a taxi or shared car . And of course, it shows us the traffic in real time and information about the incidents.

Map Factor is one of the most downloaded browsers on Google Play. Use the free maps of the OpenStreetMap project, but it allows you to buy Tom Tom’s maps. It has alerts for speed radars and a mode for cargo vehicles, where it will then take into consideration the restrictions of passage by weight and galibo, as well as accessible pedestrian streets for loading and unloading.

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