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The upgrade to Windows 10 remains free even after July 29 , at least for some. As we had anticipated in early May, Microsoft decided to allow for cost-free upgrade for the coming months, to all those who are otherwise capable or in any case to those who need to use special means to gain access to the use of technology tools : Windows 10 is free after July 29 for some .

Windows 10 free forever

Microsoft has just confirmed that anyone using Assistance Technology will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 forever , at least as long as the Redmond company does not decide to withdraw the offer.

After you start the downloadable installation file from this page by clicking Refresh now , you will simply verify the actual use of assistive technologies.

To override control, you only need to enable one or more “accessibility tools ” that are integrated into Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 ( Voice Assist, On-Screen Keyboard, High Contrast ).

Once verification is complete, the free upgrade to Windows 10 of your system will begin.

The upgrade tool for Windows 10 will behave exactly like that used by users all over the world until July 29th. At the end of the upgrade, that is, you will get the so-called digital right that will allow you to reinstall Windows 10, as you wish, how many times you will want on the same machine. For any other window related query feel free to call us 0557503724 like window support or window repair services in Dubai.


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